You’ve been carrying a burden that is not yours to carry. It is time to put it down. Take a deep breath and step toward a life of greater EASE, TRUST and permission to start living again.

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Star's Gift FOR YOU: Top 10 Tips to Raise Your Inner & Outer Radiance

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Hi I'm Star. A busy mom of three, entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist. I strive to create opportunities for THRIVING in my own life as well as the lives of my clients.

Mickey Rooney said, Hero's aren't born, they're cornered.

My clients often come to me feeling cornered. They're tired of putting in so much effort, but still feeling like they are falling short of enjoying all of what life has to offer. My clients are highly driven. They are motivated and successful, always reaching for more, seeking better horizons and obtaining higher aspirations. They are not motivated by anything superficial, in fact, they search because they have an understanding of their own potential as well as the potential of those around them.

My clients are "successful" and yet, they're not feeling connected to that. They seek to operate with heart and soul. Their passion is a source of fuel. And yet, they come to me feeling disconnected from it, wondering what to do next, wondering how they can reignite it, if they should reignite it.

My clients have worked hard – and yet despite their successes, they are left feeling like something is still missing.

They come to me searching for that missing link, having invested in the solutions that others provide. As a result, they're riddled with self doubt and fearing that they're alone in this struggle.

My clients come in need of a BS Excavator, someone who can see through the shit, around them and within them. They are ready to breath again. They're ready for an opportunity to reclaim a sense of harmony in their life and business.

My clients come ready for real support, accountability, clarity and a healthy dose of TRUTH.

Let's face it, you've been sold empty promises before. You're ready to excavate the BS, release the pressure of making the PERFECT next step and realign with the wisdom of your passion.

When coming to me ready, my clients quickly report "Magic", whispers of "Miracles" or they ask if I'm performing "jedi-mind tricks". They claim that I've "aligned the stars" for them.

I assure you, I do none of that, but what we do together is align my client with a life that FEELS like magic, it FEELS like MIRACLES are happening, because they're finally IN the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT time, experiencing the life that was meant for them to be experiencing.

Are you curious about the life that has been waiting for you?

Let's chat. Be sure to schedule your powerful one-on-one and discover the MAGIC that is waiting for you.

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