8 Easy Steps to Make Your Dream a Reality


“All that you seek is slightly out of sight, waiting for

you to ask for it to appear.” (tweet that)

Ready for your dreams to become a greater part of your reality?  Follow these 8 easy steps toward making your dream a reality. 

1. Name it – Your desires are here to bring you to a level of greater happiness. Give your dream a voice. Make it come alive in your mind. Allow yourself to speak about it, write it down, get it out of your head. Allow others to know about your “one day” vision.

2. Start Moving.  The movement toward your dream has to start somewhere, why not now?

3. Live as if – Identify the feelings that you would have if you were LIVING YOUR DREAM! You feel peaceful, calm, accomplished, relaxed, energized, motivated, and ALIVE! What feelings come with your dream?  Identify them and then – EMBODY them.  

Start living today as if you were living your dream.  OK, this doesn’t mean that you’re booking your flight to Tahiti and finding the first hammock you can find and calling your dream complete.  Trust me, I’ve tried the whole, living in paradise, life is a dream act.  It fades if you do not fully embody and spend time creating what YOU want, not what glossy images, media, society, your family and friends tell you that you should want. Instead, this means that you become that relaxed person, peaceful, ALIVE person who is living life as a dream! 

4. Bring your DREAM into your current reality through images, an O-Dream Board, or purchase something small that will be part of your existence when you’re living your dream (such as a plug adapter for when you travel to Europe, Asia or that exotic island that you’re going to retire on), pick out the publisher who will publish your first book, follow them on social media.  The point is to have gentle reminders in your environment that will support you to bring your dream into your every day consciousness.  With your dream living in your daily life, you’re reminded to make choices that will support you to make it COME ALIVE! 

5. Set your sights on someone who is living a similar dream.  YOU be YOU.  AND, learn from others.  If there is someone else doing what you want to be doing, living as you want to live, ask for their support, guidance, and secret success tips. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Use the tools that have already been created, so that you can have the energy to create the ones that have not yet been accessed! 

6. CELEBRATE the success of others, who appear to be where you want to be. Celebrating the success of others will raise your energy and will inspire you to YOUR next level. 

7. THANK the fear! Spending time in this space of entertaining your dreams may activate your fears – GOOD! This is an indicator that you’re on the right track of growth!  They do not call them growing pains because they feel good.

Growth is going to require you to  S-T-R-E-T-C-H


8. Ask for support! You’re not meant to do this alone!  Ask for support from family, friends, coaches, consultants.  Allow yourself to receive the resources that others are prepared to share. 

It is easy for me to believe in your dream. I see dreams become a reality over and over with my private clients.  I know that they are not the exception to the rule.  They’re implementing these strategies and allowing the dream to come to life.  

What supports you when following a dream? 

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