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Interview with Star Staubach


How long have you been coaching and what exactly is an Energy Transformation Strategist?

I’ve been supporting clients to transform their lives and businesses for nearly a decade. Each of us has an energy which is measurable. What is not ofter considered is how that energy shapes what we’re experiencing. As an Energy Transformation Strategist, I support you to shift what you’re experiencing, resulting in what my clients describe as “Miracles, Magic tricks, Jedi-Mind Tricks, or the Star’s Aligning. I claim none of these things, but I do support you to do this for yourself, in your own life and business.

What brought you to coaching?

At an early age, I found myself in the victim role, a victim of circumstances, abuse, and dysfunction. That translated into an unhealthy self image and distrust in my own abilities. Later, when I was starting my own business, I found myself searching for support and discovered that someone had a proven system that I could simply modify to fit into my own practice.

The result; greater self-doubt, fear, HUGE debt (larger than I had ever accumulated), and a disconnect from my passion.

I didn’t like the thoughts I was having and the person I was being. I had fits of severe depression. I didn’t want to be around myself. I had a deep feeling of shame, thinking that I should have had the answers, motivation, AND energy to follow the system and make it work. I felt stuck by my circumstances and I didn’t see a way out, nor did I see that I was the solution I had been seeking!

Through my own experience of rediscovering my inner and outer radiance, I have become ABSOLUTELY DEDICATED to supporting other women to do the same by releasing some of the burden they’ve been carrying from the residue of searching for solutions outside of themselves, so that they can be freed to embrace the dream they have been keeping dormant. I am passionate about supporting you to ignite your inner and outer radiance and UNLEASH the dream from within! No program. No formula. No step-by-step process. You. Me. Growth. That’s it. That’s when MAGIC happens.

With whom do you work?

I work with women who are DEDICATED to creating change in their lives and in their businesses. I work with mothers, women and teenage girls who have been stuck in a pattern of shutting down their own desires.

Who can I BEST serve? My clients have played by the rules, doing what has been expected of them, but there is still a level of dissatisfaction. They recognize that they’ve been chasing solutions that simply are not working for them. I support them to see the ease of the solution that is right in front of them, often so close that it astounds them! I support my clients to trust their own voice, believe in themselves and create a reality that they love waking up to.

Do you ONLY work with women?

As a matter of fact, no. After working with women, I often find that their husbands find their way to my office. One particular client called me saying, “Star, when you started working with my wife, I didn’t understand what you did. I thought you were some sort of snake charming kook. Now, I want what she has.” That same client had AMAZING results in a few short weeks after working with me. He sent me 6 referrals within two weeks saying, “I’m pretty sure that Star uses Jedi-mind tricks. I don’t know how she’s doing it, but my life is changing dramatically.” He and his family are fulfilling their dreams!

What makes you different from other coaches?

I love this question. There are so many coaches out there, have you noticed? A few years ago, I was interviewing a coach about her different coaching programs. I explained that I didn’t want a program (I had already taken a similar program with HER coach). I wanted one-on-one coaching. Her response, “Oh, you coaches, you always want it YOUR way.” Needless to say, I didn’t hire that coach. I wasn’t a good fit. I didn’t want the program. I didn’t want to fit into a neat little box. I don’t expect my clients to fit into a program. Everything is tailored for YOU and your needs.

I’ve always done things MY way, breaking the rules, rebelling against the systems, which were usually outdated and impractical. I’ve moved across the world for love, gave birth to all of my babies in the comfort of my home and have no trouble challenging systems.

What else makes me different? I have an unwavering belief in YOU. I’ve seen the magical results of being able to hold this space, reflecting a wholeness of ALL that my clients are experiencing. My belief in you is contagious and even if you do not understand HOW we are going to get the results that you want, you can still feel the POWER of the potential that is there. That potential motivates you, supports you to take POWERFUL action and empowers you to move CONFIDENTLY through your life. My energy, passion and unique brilliance of RADIANCE truly is a gift that I pass onto you. I have an unstoppable passion and belief in YOU as my client.

What is expected of me if I work with you?

I only work with clients who come to me, ready to do this work. Although they may not know HOW they are going to achieve the results that we set out to achieve (if they knew how, they already would have), they come with an element of trust in themselves, myself AND the process. They are willing to be playful, open, receptive and CURIOUS about what is ahead for them. My clients are bold, courageous and action-oriented. They’re wiling to do whatever it will take to CHANGE the current reality they are experiencing.

For what kind of individual will this service NOT work?

I am dedicated to those who are absolutely ready to do this work. That said, it means that I have to turn away those who are not ready. How do I distinguish between the two? Clients who are not ready for this work come with a multitude of excuses that prevent them from taking action. They are unwilling to take personal responsibility and unwilling to follow through with the action needed to bring them the life they say that they want. We’ve all been there, the friend who SAYS she wants change, but when given the solutions, opportunities, or EXACT resources that she says she needs, she still finds a way to avoid taking action. I will ABSOLUTELY be clear, loving and direct about this when I see it. If you identify as one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not call and I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Is that fair?

I also do not work with individuals who identify with being in financial strain. Taking on the action that is required of my clients requires a statement of belief that comes in the form of a financial investment. Should you identify with having financial struggles (I’ve been there, MOST of us have), please know that I’ve created opportunities for you to receive benefits as well. Take advantage of my FREE mp3 download, supporting you to ignite your inner and outer radiance, attend my tele-seminars, follow my YouTube channel where I provide you with useful, practical tips that you can start applying today. When you feel like you’re ready, contact me and let’s get started!

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