BAMBad Ass Manifestation Party  

Star’s clients call her a “miracle worker”, they say that she uses “jedi-mind tricks” to create powerful and lasting change for them, they talk of her “aligning the stars” or doing “magic”.

Nah – Star does none of that! Instead, she teaches powerful, practical and easy tools to support you to open yourself to what is possible, beyond the confines of the rules that you think you have to live by.

Star’s Story about manifestation…

In the Spring of 2015, Star found herself in the trenches of her own nightmare. Her days started with heaviness, dread and a tightness in her heart, as if an Elephant was sitting on her chest. She struggled to breathe. She found herself crying at the drop of a hat, constantly fighting back the tears and waves of emotion. Star, the Life Coach, the woman who was supporting transformation in the lives of her clients was caught up in an internal war, a fight for JOY, something she never thought she’d have to fight for again.

In a split second, she listened to her something inside of her, “Just play, let go. You don’t have to be polished, put together or the powerful business woman of the evening. Instead… just let go and be curious.” And that is what she did. As she was leaving for a networking event, she went to her office to grab business cards. Her eye caught her crystal ball, (shhh, it is a paperweight that Star likes to call her crystal ball). This had been sitting in her office for some time and Star had not really used it as a tool. That night, something caught her attention, the curiosity of it, the wonder, the “what if” of it. She took it to her business meeting, stacked her table full of women who would play with her and they did exactly that, they played, laughed and were tagged the “naughty table”. It was therapeutic.  And then, Star placed her crystal ball onto the table and asked the other women to dream with her, “IF, just pretend with me, if this is real, what would you ask for in your very own crystal ball, what would you create if you had access to magic.”

That is when Star conjured up the BIGGEST dream she could think of, “I want Paris. Kid free, with my husband for my 40th birthday.”

Exhale. It took a lot to say it out loud. Star was thinking, “That dream is FAR TOO BIG, unobtainable, not practical.” And yet, it brought a smile to her face, a smile that seemed to last. It spoke to her heart, leaving her feeling open and expansive. And then, a moment of synchronicity, the woman who was seated to Star’s right was pulling out a tissue to wipe her nose. Others noticed it and pointed it out to Star, “Look! Her tissue has STARS and the EIFFEL TOWER on it! It is a SIGN, YOU are meant to go to PARIS!!”

Formula for creating results

Star’s crystal ball with the tissue of her Paris dream.

Despite what seemed like an insurmountable number obstacles in front of her Paris dream, this tissue was all that Star needed to latch onto this idea of turning this dream into a reality. As a public speaker, Star shared this simple story with as many audiences as she could, each time sharing some of her secrets of manifesting….

And then, while out to dinner with a friend, Star shared again. Only this time, her friend had the next piece of the puzzle for her.  “Star, you know that we have a timeshare in Paris, right? It is available for a week in January.” You guessed it, that same week was Star’s birthday week. The timeshare in Paris – only $300 for the WEEK! It was only 3 miles from the Eiffel Tower. With this next piece of the puzzle, Star’s husband was now dreaming with her, researching flight prices while Star worked on arranging childcare with her parents. Before they knew it, Star and her husband were boarding a flight to Paris, the dream had become a reality. On her 40th birthday, Star ran the 6 mile round trip to and from the Eiffel Tower.


Star’s 40th Birthday run

Paris was Star’s dream. In hindsight, it had to be Paris (Star shares more about this in her talk). Paris was what would be a pivotal moment for Star and her family.

You have your own Paris story. Maybe you’ve already experienced it, perhaps it is time to unleash the dream of it or it could be time for you to build on it. Whatever your experience with your own inner desires, Star’s BAM Party is designed to take you and your guests to the next level of your dreams.

Do you:

  • Find yourself saying you are “Too busy”?
  • Give more to life than you’re getting back? (with family, career and friends)
  • Find yourself wishing your loved ones would do what you want them to do?


With over 500 participants from over 15 countries from around the world, Star supports clients in having their own BAM (Bad Ass Manifestation) experience!


“There are heart desires inside of you. When attended to, they lead to greater JOY for you AND for the world around you.”

                                                                      Star Staubach

What others are manifesting:

**Powerful career moves

**CASH – $10,000 from one participant

**Less work, more pay

**Movie scenes with Robert De Niro

**Successful Startup Business

**Inner Peace

** Confidence

“After working with Star I am making more money and working less! I was recently awarded as a LEADER in my industry!” Jill – Postpartum Doula

YOUR BAM Party Includes:

  • LIVE, dynamic and personalized presentation
  • Practical & EASY tools to receive your own BAM
  • Direct Access to Star for Q/A
  • PLUS all of the synchronistic BONUSES that will come as a result of participating!
  • 45 min follow up one-on-one for the party host

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