Star’s presentation moves the room and stirs her audience to the edge of their seats both in anticipation of what she will share next and with slight discomfort as they find themselves on the edge of their comfort zone. Star delivers a powerful talk while connecting, engaging and leaving her audience feeling moved to take inspired action. […] Read More

The Secret Depression of a Life Coach

I couldn’t make the tears stop. When it first started, I thought I just needed to be doing more to control my experience, because “Happiness is a choice”, right? I see people in my industry buying and selling this message and although there is a thread of truth to it, I also know that sometimes […] Read More

Celebrate & Elevate Joy!

This year, this week, I turn 38 and I’d like you to invite you to celebrate with me!  My gift to you is 38 ways you can start celebrating, noticing and fully embracing the RADIANCE in your life.  It is my belief that it is waiting for you to attend to it and once you do, you’ll […] Read More

Financial stress holding you back from success?

First setting out to grow a business can not only be daunting, but also a LARGER investment.  Starting my practice nearly 7 years ago required an initial investment.  Naively, I thought that would be the last of it.  I had the vision of making money and gradually upgrading my practice, website, etc.  Needless to say, […] Read More

8 Easy Steps to Make Your Dream a Reality

“All that you seek is slightly out of sight, waiting for you to ask for it to appear.” (tweet that) Ready for your dreams to become a greater part of your reality?  Follow these 8 easy steps toward making your dream a reality.  1. Name it – Your desires are here to bring you to […] Read More