Paris Found In Depression

I found myself in the thick of depression in the winter of 2015. It was crippling me. Thoughts of death and dying, fear of not being enough (in nearly every area of life), other life coaches telling me, “Star, you just need rest, more exercise, a balanced diet, more water.” -insert healthy living tip of […] Read More

The Big Dream Formula Continued

I recently shared my Secret Formula for Living Big Dreams. Let’s face it. Sometimes you think you want something, and then when it doesn’t happen, you get down on yourself, wondering what you did wrong, wondering what is wrong with you, wondering why your BIG dreams are not coming into fruition. I’ve been there – OFTEN. I think it […] Read More

Mom’s Time Out

Mom’s Time Out thumbnail

I recently made a declaration that I wanted and needed a time out. I desperately sought space to hear my own voice, to listen to my Soul, to escape the very real demands of being a mother. I set out to hear my own quiet voice whispering to me, hoping to reconnect with it deep in the woods, under the […] Read More

Secret Formula to Living Your Dream

My coach has asked me to write about my big dream. I’ve done this work before. I support others to connect with their big dream. This should come easy to me, right? Wrong. The screen sits blank. Everything that I’m thinking of feels  – mweh, not quite right. I want to dream –  beyond just the words, […] Read More

6 Signs You Are Ready for a REBOOT!

Reboot. Shut down. Start again for the sake of installing new information, the system needs it or because of a lack of response. It may be easier to tell when your computer needs to reboot, but how do you know when YOU need to reboot? What are the indicators that you experience when it is […] Read More