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This year, this week, I turn 38 and I’d like you to invite you to celebrate with me!  My gift to you is 38 ways you can start celebrating, noticing and fully embracing the RADIANCE in your life.  It is my belief that it is waiting for you to attend to it and once you do, you’ll set yourself in motion to experience more unleashed radiance.  Join me in elevating the JOY in the world, by unleashing your own expression of it! 

38 ways to Unleash JOY in your life

1. Take a moment to appreciate and notice the ordinary moments of your day. I’m noticing the sun glistening off of the snow, RADIANT! 

2. Make a list of 2-5 people who are in your CELEBRATION circle, the people who can celebrate with you when you’ve experienced a HUGE success.  Connect with this list of special individuals and let them know how much it means to you to have the gift of a “celebration buddy”.

3. Write a Love List – take 2 min to spill onto paper all of the things that you LOVE about your life.  Connecting with this space supports you to FEEL it and continue attracting it. 

4. Let go – if only for one day, let go of that thing that is weighing heavily on your mind, the bills, broken relationship, etc.  The stress and worry are keeping you from enjoying the present moment.  Give yourself permission, if only for 24 hours, to let it go.

5. Take a walk in nature.  Just because. Being outside, feeling the elements makes you feel more ALIVE! 

6. Turn on music that makes you smile!  Google search your favorite song, switch on an awesome Pandora Station and allow yourself to be lost in the beat. 

7. Set up a date with a friend that you haven’t seen for awhile. 

8. Elevate your space with flowers! Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store (or local flower shop).  You can find beautiful bouquets on clearance at your grocery store for as little as $4! 

9. Perform a random act of kindness, give a homeless person a piece of fruit and a granola bar, buy a coffee for a co-worker or the stranger in line behind you at the local café.

10. Give yourself permission to have a longer shower, or a luxurious bath! 

11. Look through old photo albums, reminding yourself of joyous moments captured, available for you at ANY moment to reconnect with. 

12. Look up at the sky. Connect with the vast EXPANSION of this space.  Feel the release of your Earthly worries. 

13. LAUGH out loud! 

14. Turn on the radio in your car and give yourself permission to sing along with the radio, on or off key, JUST SING! 

15. As you wake up, set an intention to think of and feel connected to what you LOVE about your life. Roll out of bed with that thought!  

15. Set your alarm to wake up 10 min earlier and capture thoughts about what you want to create with your day.

16. Tell your children what you love about them, challenge yourself to share why you love the behavior that may make you feel crazy at times.  My example for my 4 yr old daughter, “I love the way you are absolutely clear about what you want and determined that you can work out a way to get it, either for yourself or with help.  YOU, my love, are determined and you inspire me to be more like that.”

17.  Fully embrace and celebrate the success of someone else! Celebrating THEIR success sets you up to feel JOY when success is witnessed, which in turn helps you to create it!

18. Skip from your car to the door of your final destination.  Yes, SKIP, as if you were a little kid. While you’re at it, go ahead and laugh while you’re doing it.  

19. Invite someone else to a whistle off.  Face one another and see who can keep the whistle the longest! Report back.  I want to know how long you were able to do this! 

20. Invite a group of parents to meet for a play date at a venue designed for your children, like Chuck-E-Cheese.  PLAY.  Be a kid. Who doesn’t love skee ball?! 

21. Go to your local candy store and purchase red wax lips for yourself, your co-workers and/or your family. Wear them periodically through the day.  Alternatively, purchase for a group of friends and wear them out for an evening of fun.

22. Challenge yourself today to do something slightly outside of your comfort zone.

23. Take a different route home from work. Notice the new surroundings and fresh perspective. 

24. Order something new off of the menu at your favorite restaurant.

25. Turn off all screens and electronics after 9:30pm. 

26. Read at least 10 pages of a book for pleasure.

27.  Eat your dinner by candle light. 

28. Share your favorite part of your day with your family or loved ones? No one at home with you – post your favorite part of the day on a social media site.  Invite others to join you.

29. You know that thing that your children do, the thing that drives you crazy?  Today, be playful with it. LET go of pressuring yourself and them to do it the way you think it should look.  Instead make light of it, for yourself and for them!  How? Example, playful voice, “Meadow, my Darling Child!  These clothes and toys on the floor, they DRIVE ME WILD!”  Invite your child to be playful about it with you. 

30. Wear two different colored socks. Not feeling that brave?  Wear colored socks!

31. Get dressed with the intention of WEARING your radiance.  Infuse color, accessories clothes that make you FEEL good

32. Take a moment to focus on your breathing.  Allow 8 LARGE inhales and exhales 3 times throughout your day.

33. SMILE, act AS IF a miracle is on the way to you! 

34. Light a candle while you work. 

35. Drink an extra 3 glasses of water today.  Water supports you to eliminate the things that your body does not need. Support yourself to have this release! 

36. Allow your children to plan and prepare a meal!  Have fun, let go for an evening and let the kids take over (with support where needed). 

37.Enjoy a delicious treat! After all, it is my BIRTHDAY!  What fun is a birthday without a sweet treat of indulgence?  Freeze a few bananas.  Place frozen bananas in a blender until smooth. Enjoy like ice cream, knowing that it is both HEALTHY and tasty!  Want a little extra indulgence?  Put some melted chocolate in your concoction or add peanut butter.

38. Smile as you identify the “First world problem” that you’ve been facing! I get to be concerned with what time and how my children go to sleep.  Seriously?  What a luxury! They have beds, warmth, are healthy and happy children.  Hey, life isn’t that bad, if we get the luxury to worry about anything other than pure survival. Share and let us giggle about our first world problems together!  

Bonus: get out the face paint and let your children paint on YOUR face! Go wild! Be silly! Enjoy! 

Want to bless me for my Birthday?  Share this article, post your comments, let me know your thoughts and tips on how YOU invite more radiance into your life!  I LOVE hearing from you, it motivates me to keep sharing! 

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