You’ve been carrying a burden that is not yours to carry. It is time to put it down. Take a deep breath and step toward a life of greater EASE, TRUST and permission to start living again.

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Star's Gift FOR YOU: Top 10 Tips to Raise Your Inner & Outer Radiance

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Seeking Susan

childYou've been working really hard, wondering when your time will come, wondering when you'll catch a break! Your time has come! Your BIG BREAK is landing on this page! You're about to experience how much easier life can be! Connect with Star today and reconnect with the care-free, fun-loving person that you know you are.

Dedicated Dorothy

childYou have been reading self-help books, taken personal development classes and yet, you're still feeling like there is a piece that has not yet fallen into place. You're ready for focused direction, clarity and RESULTS! You are dedicated to changing your life. You know that once you unlock this missing link, you'll start seeing results. You're ready for direction and accountability. Contact Star today and get started on the path to clarity.

Young Women

childYou aim to please and you always strive to do the right thing. Lately, it feels like there are no clear answers or "right" way. You're trying to have YOUR voice be heard, but it feels like it is being met with opposition, which is results in arguing and feelings being hurt. What you need most right now is a break from the pressure, permission to enjoy your youth and a clear idea of the future that YOU want to create.

Families Impacted by Addiction

childYou have been longing for healthy relationships, ease and peace to be brought to your family. You lay awake at night, wrought with worry, fear and anxiety. You would give just about ANYTHING to fix, heal or bring peace back. What you need most right now is to be filled up with a sense of hope, understanding and (insert a DEEP BREATH) a BREAK from the chaos that surrounds addiction. Are you ready to release the burden you’ve been carrying?

  • "Star has a gift for creating a sacred, welcoming space that welcomes you in and allows you let go of worry. I feel safe, nurtured and whole in our sessions and able to be the most vulnerable, open and honest with her in that space - more than in any other place in my life. It feels like Star can see the real me, and she reaches out and loves me up just the same. On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is a really powerful place of manifesting, change and love - a session with Star feels like a 12."

    -Bonnie Copeland, Life Coach, Ignite My Inner Light

  • "Star is an amazingly intuitive life coach who has an unique ability to be truly present and ask transformative questions. With her insight and ability to really listen, she shines light on areas where growth and change can happen in your life. She can hold your hand both as friend and guide as you discover the better person that you want to be. Congratulations on choosing such a powerful and talented life coach!"

    - Stacey Merz

  • "Star is a fantastic Coach, and I have on many occasions sent potential clients her way. She has a direct and safe style of coaching that enables people to delve deeply into their values and beliefs, and thus create energy and change in their lives. If you are curious about coaching, from a fellow coach, I believe in Star fully. You will be in great hands."

    - Talia Klein

  • "Wow, words cannot describe how amazing Star’s coaching really is. When I first went to Star for advice, I was thinking, ‘I love Star, but I’m sure that this is going to be just like any other therapist’. Well boy, was I proved wrong. I have come so far because of all the conversations that Star and I have had. Star has taken her coaching skills and helped me learn that I’m more than what I give myself credit for. She has helped me find the true me. Like I said before, words can not describe how great Star Staubach’s coaching really is. I have no idea where I would be today without all of the support she has given me. Today you can take the next step into finding the real you. If she did it for me, she can do it for you as well."

    - Natalie C

  • "Recently, I found myself in a situation that left me angry, frustrated and cornered. It was a situation that had been building for, what I came to realize, years. I thought I was the source of the trouble and felt that my only way out was to walk away from the situation. After 30 minutes with Star, I realized that the solution was not to walk away, but to walk towards it. She made me realize that I was not the source of the trouble. In reality, it was not about me. After 30 minutes my anger and frustration gave way to understanding and compassion. My desire to walk away turned into a decision to stay and find a way to offer support, kindness and love. I'm truly grateful that I took the time to share with Star, she was incredibly insightful and that has, in turn, allowed me to see the problem from a different perspective and more importantly encouraged me to seek a solution that will leave me feeling joy rather than sadness."

    - Mariana Austrins

    • "Congratulations from Germaine Moody & Germaine Moody Events! You've made our international "50 Favorite People Of 2013" list. By being you, striving for excellence, supporting others and leading by example, we're recognizing you in front of the entire world alongside forty nine others across the globe. You've helped make our 2013 completely awesome."

      - Germaine Moody, CEO Germaine Moody Events

    • "Thank you for the opportunity. Your platform and work is impressive."

      - Marala Scott, Oprah's Ambassador of Hope

    • "Thank you for everything that you are bringing to the world, supporting your audience to expand!"

      - Rikka Zimmerman, Rikka's Adventure in Oneness

    • "One of the BEST interviews! Star was able to get tips out of me that have NEVER been shared publicly!"

      - Stacey Martino of

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