Five Simple Steps to Gaining Your Power Back


The GOOD news when LIFE sucks

The GOOD news when LIFE sucks

Up until now, we’ve been plugged into a culture where we’re constantly being disconnected from our own BRILLIANCE, sold a message that we’re not good enough until we buy a product, upgrade our home or reach the next level of success in our careers.  This disconnect makes you feel competitive and at times, unworthy.

YOU ARE WORTHY. Take these simple steps to increase your connection to your power. YOUR power, your presence, your Soul expression is pivotal to the expansion of connection and love on the planet.

1. Celebrate what you’re GREAT AT!

What are you exceptionally good at? Make a list of all of the things you do well, no matter how big or small, professional and/or personal. Nothing is off limits here. Are you great at organizing the dishwasher, cooking, painting trim (detailed painting). What makes it onto your list? Any surprises?

2. Make time for what you’re great at!

JUMP IN! Are you great at connecting with others? Make time to get together, network, host a party. Take a moment and schedule this activity in your calendar. THRIVE unapologetically by doing the activity you’re excellent at!

3. Make a list of ways you’re surrendering parts of yourself and your power. Who are you telling yourself is more important than you? Is it your boss, your children, spouse, the less fortunate? We all have a list. Breathe. The key here is not to judge your list or yourself for having one. Instead, simply notice what assumptions you’re making about who’s more important than you. Also notice if you’re surrendering this power consciously. Most often, it is surrendered unconsciously, without any expectation from someone else, but rather an expectation you’ve created in your mind. Notice, is your expectation one that the other party is outwardly stating or is your perception creating this dynamic?

4. Notice the ways in which your opinion is shifting the dynamic of your experience. Is it making you resentful? Are you finding yourself blaming the other person? Do you wish they would acknowledge you? Do you feel overlooked? What actions are you taking (or not taking) as a result of these thoughts? This awareness has the power to support you to turn your situation around by making conscious choices.

5. Compassion – Have compassion for yourself and for the other person. When compassion is present, it kicks us into a space of feeling connected, rather than separate. When we’re divided and disconnected, it creates division, competition, resentment, and feelings of unworthiness. When divided, one is better than another. Infusing compassion for yourself and the other party, you’re creating an opportunity for greater understanding, which will have a dramatic impact on the way you show up. Your shift has the power to transform your experience and the relationship.

Breathe with me. I see you. I see the potential your power has to transform your reality and the experience of those around you. Smile, knowing that as you embrace your magnificence, others will be spontaneously inspired to do the same.


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