Five Steps to Creating Balance


The notion that you will be able to have a completely balanced scale of work and life is a misconception that keeps you in a perpetual state of striving and strips you of ease and harmony. 
The thought that you “should” somehow create an equal balance leads to a sense of pressure and overwhelm, which has the opposite effect of what you desire.  When you allow space for the reality of what is (imbalance), while still creating clear work/life boundaries, you’re able to more fully embrace the ease, harmony and joy of the chaos that is Life.
Steps to releasing the thought of “balance” and embracing a sense of “Harmony” with the chaos: 
1. Value 
Having a sense of appreciation for the way that you contribute to the world through the work that you do gives you a sense of purpose and supports you to feel connected to yourself AND your work. When you value what you do, you’re no longer seeing it as a JOB and instead it becomes a part of who you are. 
Caution: passion about your work can lead to insufficient boundaries. 
2. Boundaries
Notice what happens without having them in place.  Overwhelm, stress, silent resentment, anger, exhaustion and even illness. 
With clear boundaries, closing the door to work and saying YES to your life allows you time to refresh, reconnect and appreciate what you’re contributing. We ALL need a break, no matter how passionate we are, no matter how much we love our work.  
Having clear boundaries means that you honor the ways in which you can BEST serve and release the overwhelm of saying yes to things that distract you from your pure joy. 
As an achiever, it is easy to lose sight of this as you keep striving to accomplish the next goal, thinking that you have to be the one to do it all.  In the archives of this blog, you’ll find You do not have to do everythingwhere I share with you tips on letting go of the idea that you have to do it all. 
3. Purge
Identify what is important and what can be removed from your plate. 
Having clarity about what is MOST important to you and why will support you to make choices that will not only honor you, but also lead you to a space of being able to serve in a greater capacity.  If you’re spreading yourself too thin, you are diluting your potential to have powerful impacts. Giving attention to tasks based on fear or expectation leads to feeling tethered and can create resentment, guilt and unnecessary pressure. 
4. Pause – take a moment to connect with your breathing.  If you look at archived blogs, this is a running theme and for good reason.  Breathing supports you to release the buildup of stale air and pressure that you start to feel from trying to do it all.  The notion that you have to or even that you CAN do everything creates a sense of overwhelm. 
5. BLOCK time – when there is overwhelm, there is chaos. 



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