Support is NOT a Four Letter Word


As achievers, we think we have to do it all. To quote David Allen, “You can do ANYTHING, but not EVERYTHING.” You’re not supposed to do it all! Seek support and allow yourself to receive it, and watch your life shift in miraculous ways. Here’s how: 

1) Honor your desire for support. There are desires that you have yet to speak out loud.  You have a full schedule and long to-do list.  Make a list of things that you’d LOVE for someone else to attend to. This practice will open you to the idea of delegating more. You may be surprised how support shows up once you take this step of CLAIMING that you’re ready for it.
2) Ask for support. Delegate. Ask your spouse, your best friend, your neighbor, your mom, your kids, your assistant or anyone else in your “tribe” to help carry the load. You’ll be surprised how many people want to help – just ask!
3) Allow yourself to receive support. Release the negative chatter in your mind about what receiving means; you’re a “taker, lazy, greedy”.  Instead, recognize the gift of being able to receive, you’re able to BE and DO more when you allow yourself the gift of receiving, gifts, value for your services, and others taking care of tasks for you. As achievers, we used to being self sufficient, and sometimes we forget that we have access to support. When we tap into that resource, we free ourselves up for 
4) Receive so that you can GIVE –
You do not have to prove that you are a giver, we already know that about you. Receiving means that you are able to  


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