When is it time to take that leap?


This is a guest post by Andy Chirch.

Most of us dream of “one day”. 

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One day, I’ll open my own business.
One day, I’ll have the courage to leave him and start again. 
One day, I’ll tell her how much her friendship really means to me. 
So when is your “One Day”? Is it two weeks from today when you will wake up, go to the office, and ask for that raise that you have earned? 
Is it two months from today when you’ll finally have the courage to say the words, “I love you” to a parent you never had that kind of relationship with? 
Is it it two years from now when you’ll be ready to cast off the weight of “responsibility”, finally look practicality in the face and LAUGH as you open that flower shop – or become a wedding singer like you’ve always dreamed?
If it is two weeks, two months or two years from now that you choose to embrace who you are and finally allow yourself to become happy – I applaud you. It takes courage to do that. 

My one question: Why two weeks? 

If you deserve real happiness in two weeks, don’t you deserve it today?
Life is short, no? Tragedies happen, yes? Do you get where I’m going with this? If you wait to receive what is rightfully yours (happiness, love, fulfillment), you may never see that day come. 

What’s an even bigger tragedy? That the world has to go even one more minute without knowing what it’s like for you to live to your fullest.

Howard Thurman, the author and civil rights leader, said, 
“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Over a year ago, my wife Meredith and I started working with Star to help rediscover ourselves – in the words of Howard Thurman, to uncover what would make us come alive.
Nearly a year ago, I left my well-paid, high pressure job as a Chief Financial Officer to join forces with Meredith and launch two businesses:  Prolificate Business Services, and Blue Sky Academy
Today, we are small, but growing. Best of all – we’re finally living life on OUR terms. 
With Prolificate, we support hard working business owners.
Before they find us, our clients say that their businesses seem out of control – like the business runs them instead of the other way around. Once we’ve helped them implement clear processes, the same clients are amazed as they put their businesses back to work for them
It can seem overwhelming, but with the right support, they’re set free to follow their passion, run that flower shop or wedding-singer business, and know that they have a skilled professional as financial coach – in fact, a virtual CFO that they can afford!
Meredith runs Blue Sky Academy – helping those who want to homeschool, but don’t know where to start. With our new resource guide The unTextbook, Meredith gets homeschoolers off on the right foot – complete with an overview of the options available, ways to get started, and even how to handle difficult questions. 

Both businesses offer coaching and support for others – whether homeschoolers or small business owners, each has the opportunity to change the world. If I hadn’t listened to the inner voice that Star helped uncover, I would never have taken that leap. Our “One Day” would still be just a dream. 

The best part personally? I have always wanted to travel. REALLY TRAVEL. 

Because we’ve opened ourselves to receive the gift of what we’re passionate about, we have businesses that 1) matter, and 2) we can do from anywhere in the world.
One week from the day I write this, we leave for Southeast Asia. With one-way tickets! I’ll still be doing regular CFO coaching sessions (via Skype), writing, and helping my clients run their businesses. Meredith will be providing coaching to homeschoolers in need of some extra courage and support. 
You can follow our family of 4 on our worldschooling journey at MyBlueSkyAcademy.com. Virtual CFO and business support services are available at prolificate.com
One Day” doesn’t have to be in two weeks, two months, or two years. 
“One Day” is ready for you now… today.
What makes you come alive? What can we do to help?

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